The World's Top Eight Most Ecstasy Nightlife Capital Featured

NO.1 Belgrade
The Reason: the Serbian capital of Belgrade, escapes from the shadow of war and nightlife are abundant. Since Belgrade is located in the confluence of the Sava and Danube, take a romantic river cruise tour programme to become signs. Reborn from the war, it is the excitement now after less than a decade development, it is not easy.

NO.2 Montreal
The Reason: Montreal is Canada's French-speaking area, with excellent local beer, the most famous Old World cafes, jazz clubs, the hall and late-night bars, after the ski in the Royal Mountain that people will be casual in the bar of the city.


NO.3 Buenos Aires
The Reason: Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina is a truly nightlife city, and the night was ablaze with lights, steady stream of vehicles on the road. Mix and match the city's nightlife is full of flavor, because by the European and South American culture, you can either find the dynamic aspect of culture of South America in a jazz club, but also in the coastal resort hotels and restaurants to enjoy a quiet atmosphere, and even in the cinema watching a movie late at night.

NO.4 Dubai
The Reason: Dubai is a miracle of the coexistence of an open and taboo city, nightlife designed for global visitors. Dubai's nightlife has the world's most luxurious facilities, a rich cluster of stars.
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NO.5 Thessaloniki
The Reason: Thessaloniki is Greece's second largest city, is a famous Greek city that never sleeps. Latin-style bars in town, Eastern European style discos, reflect the diversity of style.

NO.6 La Paz
The Reason: La Paz of Bolivia has world-class bars, cafes and restaurants, it is located 3,000 meters above sea level altitude, so often you can enjoy the wine, the alcohol will soon be on top, making it easier for the passion.

NO.7 Cape Town
The Reason: Cape Town of South Africa, the nightlife is a collection of African and European colonial multi-cultural co-existence, in itself charming. Together with the Cape town is world-renowned wine producing area, with the bar dance floor turned from world's best beach, has always been a good place for tourists.

NO.8 Baku
The Reason: Baku of Azerbaijan was selected because it is very rare in traditional Muslim countries to have a wonderful nightlife of the city. Since 1990, it became the regional hub of the oil and gas, Baku nightlife has also come. Not long ago, there were designers in Baku, said the construction of two inspired by the moon's ultra-modern style hotel yet.

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