Celebrities and their Sunglasses

Every celebrity out there knows the real value of a pair of designer sunglasses. Whether it's to hide the effects of a late night out on the town or an effort to blend in on the street, a pair of quality sunglasses is absolutely indispensable. We've seen a lot of trends come and go, but a great pair of sunglasses will always transcend the passing fads of the day.


Manufactured Superstars, 'Zombies In Love': Video Premiere

DJ duo Manufactured Superstars play Lego space invaders in their video for "Zombies In Love."
Do zombies fall in love? It’s a legit question and one you might not think to look for an answer to in outer space. Nonetheless, that’s where we find Manufactured Superstars in "Zombies In Love"–on a Lego spaceship, hurtling through galaxies far away in this Billboard exclusive clip that recalls Daft Punk’s early videos, “Star Wars,” and childhood fantasies.


The easy breaks from Rio de Janeiro

With 80km of beachfront, a dusk-till-dawn club scene and world-recognised icons such as Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro attracts more tourists than any other South American city – around 2.8 million each year. Thankfully, the city has a host of options to escape the crowds and uncover stunning Brazilian scenery beyond the beaches and skyscrapers.

Renting Holiday Homes in Spain Beats an Expensive Hotel Holiday

Nearly in June and the use of search engines to help people finding apartments in Spain are getting busy. It is the same procedure as every year when the summer holidays arrive. Thousands of people try their luck typing in their computers phrases like holiday villas in Spain or holiday apartments in Spain. Then the results come out from a list of property rentals displayed in order to satisfy the user search. 

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