Manufactured Superstars, 'Zombies In Love': Video Premiere

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DJ duo Manufactured Superstars play Lego space invaders in their video for "Zombies In Love."
Do zombies fall in love? It’s a legit question and one you might not think to look for an answer to in outer space. Nonetheless, that’s where we find Manufactured Superstars in "Zombies In Love"–on a Lego spaceship, hurtling through galaxies far away in this Billboard exclusive clip that recalls Daft Punk’s early videos, “Star Wars,” and childhood fantasies.

 “We've always loved those Lego animations on YouTube,” the duo says of the video. “When our label [Black Hole Recordings] came up with the idea of doing something in that style, we jumped at the chance. Especially since it allowed us to finally film in space without spending millions!”


Directed by Parker W. Young, production entailed stop-motion, animation, and some considerable after effects over the course of six weeks. The tune itself is a bouncy, melodic number with a lyric-less chorus that has all the Lego people putting their arms up and down. Watch out for the surprise ending too.

Manufactured Superstars - Zombies In Love (Official Music Video)

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