Steve Angello Says Swedish House Mafia 'Keeps On Going'

Steve Angello Steve Angello Photo: Associated Press

When Swedish House Mafia took the stage at Ultra Music Festival Sunday, it marked the end of an electronic era. Miami was the grand finale of their One Last Tour, and Sunday's gig marked the last time Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso performed as a group. 

While everyone knows the fans are heartbroken, MTV News got the scoop from Angello about the threesome's mixed feelings about moving forward independently.

"We had an amazing run and a very long run, so it feels pretty good to have some space to just relax a little bit," he explained. While it may be hard for their loyal fanbase to understand, Angello maintained that they all just need some time. "Obviously the project is very missed, but we haven't had time to reflect on it yet."


So how did the last few moments onstage feel? "We just hugged each other and walked off stage," Angello recalled. "It's all so hectic around you." Then it was straight to the afterparty, where they celebrated with friends and everyone involved with the tour.

Swedish House Mafia should rest assured; Angello, Axwell and Ingrosso aren't going anywhere. After Angello returns from vacation in Bora Bora with his wife, it will be back to work.

"It never really feels like it ends," he said. "At some point, it just keeps on going."

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